Camille testimonial.jpg

From Camille
Age 65
Boca Raton, FL

Dear Mark,

When I was close to turning 65, I began to pay attention to TV commercials stating things like: “Don’t get caught with a GAP in your coverage and pay lots of $$$ out of pocket expenses” …. “Medicare doesn’t cover everything.” I struggled to try to figure out what to do for health coverage. I was confused and didn’t have anybody who could explain the different options so I could understand.

I met Medicare Mark at his seminar. After his presentation, I felt I learned so much and liked the way Mark presented the information. It was clear and concise, much easier to understand. He found a great plan with better coverage than I had and at a lower premium. I haven’t had to worry about unexpected medical bills or had to pay out of my pocket when I use doctors or go to the hospital.

Mark calls me regularly to keep in touch, see if I have any questions and if there is anything he can assist me with. I feel good about my health coverage and know that I am in good hands with Medicare Mark. I have referred family and friends to Mark and they have been happy with his service.


Boca Raton, Florida