Lee Ann

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From Lee Ann
Age 66
Austin, TX

Dear David

Thank you for your assistance! I now have a Medicare policy that is perfect for me and, at a price I can live with.

A few years ago, I thought: “I’ve got to sit down and learn about Medicare.” But, between me and the island of Medicare coverage was an ocean full of perplexity, dread, anxiety and confusion. I could study the MEDICARE & YOU handbook, surf the Internet and/or talk with friends, etc. i did the above as well as reached our to you.

One of my better decisions!

You provided me (and still do) a lifeboat to that island. With your patience and thoroughness, you explained the components (Part A&B, Plan D, supplemental/advantage options), the rules of each and the costs. By asking pertinent questions, you steered me to evaluate my health concerns, currently and in the future. All done with an exceptional friendliness and concern for my well-being.

I have arrived with a Medicare policy perfect for me. Thank you for your great navigational skills Dave.

Lee Ann
Austin, Texas