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From Paula
Age 66
Raleigh, North Carolina


Hi David,
Just a quick note of thanks. I was so overwhelmed when I first contacted you over the internet. I first heard of MEDICARE DAVE at a social security seminar I attended at UNF in Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t recall a single other nugget of valuable information from the class. But, sitting there on those hard wooden chairs for several painful hours was worth it!! You have been the one constant I could count on during this last tumultuous year or two of my life! As a 40 year happy homemaker, to be suddenly divorced and put in charge of EVERY detail of my life was totally beyond my capabilities. Besides the depression was an overwhelming FEAR that I was screwing up my future solvency. Your calming manner and relaxed presence on the other end of the line was a Godsend! Turning 65 with no marketable business skills and facing seeking employment, selling a house, moving to another state, and generally starting over in so many ways was truly paralyzing. Your knowledge, patience and matter of fact way of answering questions (some I believe I might has asked several times) allayed my fears. When I failed to follow through, your gentle reminders and emails kept me on track. Thank goodness or I would have owed a fine!!

As far as the selection process, you willingly “dumbed it down” when I asked you to, though I surely took up considerably more of your time than other clients! During our several phone calls we discovered we not only had a mutual friend, but shared a passion for music as well. I now consider you a friend as well as a trusted and competent insurance advisor. I have recommended you to a few high school classmates also turning 65 and will continue to do so. Being able to connect with you via Facebook made that referral part much simpler. Who doesn’t want a new Facebook friend they can count on in a pinch? I have total confidence that when my needs change in the future you will be right there to guide me through this advanced age “club” I reluctantly but inexorably find myself a member of

Your South Florida then Jacksonville Beach friend,

(now in Raleigh, North Carolina)

P.S. I failed to mention you are exceedingly FAST! After a second move out of state, you revised my plan to North Carolina coverage. Quick service is a rare find indeed and much appreciated.