Eva Armstrong testimonila letter.jpg

From Eva
Age 65
Tallahassee, FL

August 5, 2018

Dear "Medicare Mark" Lasman,

If you're like me, answering sales calls is not your favorite thing to do. Bur fortunately for me, "Medicare Mark" called at just the right time as I was starting to work my way through the complicated Medicare system. Boy is it a challenge!

The good news is Medicare Mark. Mark helped tremendously, explaining the system in simple terms and helping me understand how the coverages worked, which would serve me the best based on my health and finances. He ran numbers, took information and made several recommendations so I was able to choose. I as very happy with the result.

But if that wasn't enough, three months later as I approached my 65th birthday, he called just to check in and make sure I was all set, which I wasn't. So he pulled the detailed notes he took on my choices, etc., helped me get the final steps put in place and I am all set!

Mark is great on the details, the commitment to service and his follow up. If you're approaching 65, or not happy with your current coverage, I highly recommend you contact Mark Lasman.

Eva A.
Tallahassee, Florida
3 days shy of 65