Bernard Bowers testimonial_Page_1.jpg

From Bernard
Age 66
Tucson, AZ

Dear Dave,

First of all, I want to thank you for being an informative Medicare Insurance agent and more. By more, I mean I really think of you as an excellent advisor, consultant, and guide though the process of comparative insurance selection and benefits, medical and prescription.

Look, I met you by telephone during that period of time before I was going to turn old enough and required by federal government to enroll in Medicare. Even now, I am often confused on timing, how things work, what options, and so on, that I might need in wading through it all. I remember I got a cold call from you during a period of time when Medicare insurance people were calling and writing day and night, even through mail. You were friendly on the phone right away. I remember I asked you to explain it all to me-Medicare is what, how do I enroll, how do I switch, what can I expect, what is plan G, what is whatchamacallit, whatever? You said, “Let me help. Get a sheet of paper, fold it in half.”—-And I did, having no idea about what was about to unfold that you provided to me by telephone, and that was the easy part. You then went on by that method-this information on one side, and this information on the other side-to outline to me about Medicare basic rules and functions. What really wowed me about you was your patience and your knowledge and communication skills. We talked about Medicare and plans on and off for months. You provided me with call-anytime, write-anytime contract, especially email. In the end, you provided me with information that allowed me to make an acceptable choice of a supplemental package, including prescription needs, that works for me. I’m happy. I have few complaints. When I get perplexed, you advise me. You keep me in the loop. I ask, “Have you seen an option better that fits my financial profile right now?” and then you tell me honestly and patiently what might be better. Then I decide because that part is on me not you.

The point is, if you ever need someone to say stuff like this to your future clients, please use me as a satisfied reference.


Tucson, Arizona