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From Duane
Age 66

Hi, my name is Duane. I live in Iowa. I have metastatic kidney cancer, coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis.

“Medicare” Mark called me about 6 months before I needed to buy a supplemental insurance for Medicare. Normally I don’t give phone salespersons a lot of time, but Mark was different. He gave me a lot of knowledge in this area, something I really needed.

My family advised me against buying a Medicare Supplement over the phone from someone I had never met and although I was very apprehensive, I bought the policy Mark advised and have been surprised at how well it has worked for me.

Long story short: my premiums were $30-$40 lower than many other companies and in the first year I made a lot of claims that were covered without question. After about 6-8 months, I received a letter from the IAC people and I’m thinking Premium Increase but my premium actually went down $3 a month. What’s not to like about that?

Duane from Iowa